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Submitted by: Lorraine G. Jackson

Every business radiates a level of energy that can be felt and has a profound impact on the day-to-day operations of the company. If youve ever walked into a room shortly after an argument, (even if you werent there to witness the argument or conflict when it occurred) you may have sensed an uneasy feeling in the room after the incident took place.

In many instances, energy created by an unpleasant discourse or event usually dissipates on its own over a short period of time. However, when negative energy lingers long after the negative incident ended and does not dissipate on its own, (this usually occurs when something traumatic has occurred in a particular work space; or the work area is the site of constant conflict and tension over a prolonged period), these negative vibrations are absorbed into the immediate atmosphere causing the work space to store negative energy, or the Chinese term (shar chi).

Over time, like a residue, negative energy builds up, significantly lowering the vibrational level of the business atmosphere. Some indications that your business is being affected by (shar chi) include a downturn in productivity and profitability due to a prolonged period of tension, conflict and stress. Repeatedly addressing recurring issues to no avail, or experiencing constant heightened negativity such as aggravation, frustration and lethargy while spending time in a specific work area.

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Once youve made a preliminary assessment of your business current vibration and determined that bad vibes are having a compromising impact on your companys culture, the following 4 simple steps can be easily implemented to immediately begin increasing your business positive energy or (chi).

First, clear the air. – Many Feng Shui consultants recommend using a technique called smudging, which is simply burning sage or other clearing incense throughout the affected area. This smoke acts like a neutralizer, clearing the air of negative energy or (shar chi).

Update your work space. Getting rid of all unnecessary clutter such as old, outdated broken furniture, office equipment and dying plants will also increase the flow of positive energy.

Re-organize your work space. In the book, Feng Shui Secrets Revealed, Author and Feng Shui Consultant, Melissa Coleman recommends rearranging office furniture and equipment using a Bagua map, A Feng Shui tool which shows where to place furniture, equipment and accessories to enhance your office or work environments positive energy.

Play relaxing meditational music. Light, airy music containing the sounds of rain, wind or the ocean is also a great way to raise your work environments energy level and reduce stress.

By becoming more consciously aware of the energy that permeates your companys environment, you can apply the appropriate aforementioned steps to create a positive business atmosphere that attracts more prosperity and allows abundance to easily flow into your enterprise.

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