The Gout Sufferer’s List Of Foods With Specific Vitamins That Help You To Guard Off Attacks}

Posted on January 27th, 2017

The Gout sufferer’s List of Foods With Specific Vitamins That help You To Guard Off Attacks


Johan Ardeo

When gout sufferers are getting significant amounts of the ACES vitamins (A, C, E and Selenium) into their system there can be significant reduction in gout flare-ups and pain.

Gout is inflammation of the joints. This is caused by the excessive amounts of uric acid in the body that the kidney cannot handle. When this occurs the excess flows into the bloodstream. Uric acid in the bloodstream settles in the joints, usually in the lower half of the body. Gout is very painful and relief is necessary to be able to function and complete daily activities.

Vitamins that are known anti-oxidants are good for guarding the body against the formation of uric acid, which causes the inflammation in joints when there is abundance in the body and blood stream. There is some evidence that when the body has significant nutrients, it can resist the formation of the uric acid thus reducing the abundance of uric acid in the body, which can over flow into the bloodstream.

While many people like to take vitamins, some prefer to get the vitamins from natural sources, such as food. Below are the foods that provide these specific vitamins.

Vitamin A

Foods that are rich in vitamin A are:

Whole Milk (cow)

Red Vegetables


oRed Peppers



Green Vegetables





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Vitamin C

Foods that are rich in vitamin C are:

Wild and Black Cherries











Green Peppers

Red Peppers

Citrus Fruits



Brussels Sprouts


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that it does not get washed out of t he body. It is stored for later use. This is important because it means that we do not have to necessarily eat vitamin E rich foods every day.

Foods that are rich in vitamin E are:

Wheat Germ



Vegetable Oils




Leafy Green Vegetables




Foods rich in Selenium are:

Nuts / Brazil Nuts are the richest


Meats (not good for gout sufferers)

Fish (not good for gout sufferers)



Some herbs that have been used to detoxify the body. Some of the herbs used for this are alfalfa, bilberry, burdoch, black cohash, buchu, and cayenne pepper. It is theorized that these herbs have medicinal properties because of the detoxifying properties and some say it is merely because of their mineral or nutrient content. Either way these herbs can be used to detoxify the body.

Hydro Cleanse

Another way to detoxify the body and flush out the excessive uric acid is to flush the body with water. Drinking ten to twelve glasses of water each day is recommended for this. The body wants to expel the excess uric acid, water gives the body the means to do that.

Knowing the right foods that give the right vitamins and nutrients is essential in optimum health for gout sufferers. Using the lists of foods above and adding these to ones diet can assist anyone with chronic gout to turn the corner to a pain free life. The results can be remarkable.

Note: vitamins are generally safe to take, but as with all supplements, please consult your doctor before taking vitamins in supplement form. Some supplements can have adverse effects when taken with medication or when the individual is suffering from certain health conditions.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any kind of a health problem. in this article. Always consult with your health care provider about any kind of a health problem and especially before beginning any kind of an diet modification or exercise routine.

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The Gout sufferer’s List of Foods With Specific Vitamins That help You To Guard Off Attacks }