What’s The Difference Between A Dermawand And Derma Rollers?}

Posted on September 3rd, 2017

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Both the DermaWand and derma rollers are used for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. Both are also used to obtain natural facelifts, if you will. While there are many brands of derma rollers, a DermaWand is a unique device and is a popular brand name product thats been around for a number of years. Derma rollers, on the other hand, are relatively new facial devices just surfacing as important in the past year or so. So, what exactly is the difference between a DermaWand and derma rollers?

While both of these facial devices are said to be highly effective in facial rejuvenation, they work quite differently. The DermaWand creates a series of very small electrical impulses that produce a powerful facial massage. These impulses work on your skin to stimulate circulation, draw oxygen and nutrients to the surface and revitalize your facial appearance.

The electrical massage of the DermaWand is said to be roughly a hundred times more effective than a standard facial massage. Because the massaging action of the Derma Wand is so concentrated, results are more immediately visible. The micro-current massage of the Derma Wand can lead to a very visible and quick reduction in fine lines and wrinkles even with the first treatment. Also, the DermaWand produces enriched oxygen that helps cleanse and purify the skin.

Some of the benefits of DermaWand Use:

– Sagging skin appears lifted and toned

– Wrinkles begin to fade and over time, disappear altogether

– Eye bags and puffiness are eliminated

– Poor skin texture and large pores are restored for a clearer and brighter complexion

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– Line lines are eliminated, lips plumped

The DermaWand has been on the market for several years which speaks to its popularity as a successful natural face lift device. It is also relatively inexpensive for the results its capable of producing.

Easy to use anytime, the DermaWand is also lightweight and portable.

This product does indeed do what it claims to do, again, as evidenced by its longevity in the marketplace, testimonials and its continued popularity.

Derma rollers, on the other hand, are manual skin and facial devices that are relatively new in the market. They are based on ancient acupuncture techniques of micro needling which immediately adds credibility to their working potential.

A derma roller (like a hair brush) has a handle with a small roller attached to the end of it. Roughly 200 or so micro needles are embedded in this roller. By rolling a derma roller back and forth 4-6 times across and sideways over certain types of skin imperfections, skin pores are parted. In doing so, collagen production is stimulated.

As most of us are aware, collagen is essential to firm skin and collagen production decreases as we age.

Derma rollers claim to be able to reduce or eliminate the following:

– Wrinkles and sagging skin

– Acne and surgical scars

– Cellulite

– Hair loss and thinning

Derma rollers work very gradually over time building collagen and thickening the skin. Different length needles are recommended for different skin conditions as well. While the .05 length is considered a standard, safe needle length for general facial rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention, longer needles are used for deeper skin imperfections. Derma rollers can also be used on skin problems all over the body. Additionally, since the tiny needles penetrate skin, deeper absorption of nutrient rich skin creams is possible.

While derma rollers present an exciting new option for anti-aging facial appearance, there are caveats to consider prior to use. They should not be used on any inflamed skin areas for example. Prudence or just plain common sense requires that one do their own investigation of derma roller applicability to their singular skin issues. If there are questions or concerns, consulting a medical doctor is advisable as well.

Portable, easy and quick to use, some derma rollers are expected to need replacement every 3-6 months. Similar in price to the Derma Wand, these skin rollers could end up costing a bit more than the Derma Wand over a years time depending on individual usage. But you can also use the same derma roller on several different parts of your body for different skin problems. A bit more bang for the buck there.

While offering correction of numerous problematic skin conditions, both devices present exciting potential for facial and skin rejuvenation.

While both of these products address similar skin problems and offer excellent anti-aging protection, you will likely see more immediate and dramatic results with the Derma Wand. On the other hand, derma rollers, by actually penetrating the skin, present long term solutions for damaged skin that the Derma Wand doesnt address as readily. These micro needling rollers offer new hope for correction or improvement in several of our most tenacious and difficult skin problems like scars, stretch marks, hair thinning and cellulite.

As anti-aging, wrinkle and sagging skin reduction/removal devices, both products appear equally viable. Some minor discomfort and skin reddening is reported in derma roller use although applying Topacaine gel prior to use can remedy that issue. The Derma Wand elicits a tingling sensation in the skin the intensity of which can be adjusted by a small dial on the bottom of the device. Dont start out with maximum intensity and be sure to read the valuable instructions prior to use.

There are more restrictions and warnings about who should use a derma roller than there are with the Derma Wand. Obviously, for example, you wont want to use the skin roller on your lips or eyelids.

Youll also want to do further investigation regarding your unique skin challenges before jumping on the derma roller wagon.

Both facial devices are remarkably fast and simple to use. Three minutes in the am and pm work well for a Derma Wand lift. Similarly, a few minutes is all it takes for a derma roller treatment once a day or less. Both are non-invasive compared to traditional surgical face/skin procedures. Recovery times following treatment are non-existent for the Derma Wand and any facial reddening lasts for maybe an hour or so after skin rolling. Selling for or under $100 each, both of these products are extremely reasonably priced for the value and real results they provide.

We live in interesting times where we no longer need to struggle with the deterioration of our facial good looks. Is this all just the vanity of our culture? Not really. I dont know anyone who likes watching themselves age, helpless to prevent it. Not to say that there arent advantages to aging (someday Ill write about that) but how we look is strongly attached to how we feel about ourselves. Now, thanks to these devices, we have the power to control and ensure continuing to feel good about ourselves and the way we look.

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The Latest And Old Trends In Plastic Surgery}

Posted on February 24th, 2017

The Latest and Old Trends in Plastic Surgery


Devjeet Singh

With plastic surgery becoming more and more acceptable in middle class homes, the number of surgeries being performed year by year is steadily increasing. With this larger clientele, doctors are continually updating and improving and inventing new procedures. Below are the new trends and old surgeries that may be the most requested of the year.

Ear lobe Rejuvenation

As you get older your ear lobes tend to sag and stretch especially if you have been a lifelong earring wearer. Just like wrinkles can give away your age, so can your ears. There are surgeries to shorten the length of the expanded earlobe or make them plumper as they can thin out from the stretching. This has also become popular for those who have purposely stretched their ears for large gauged earrings, but no longer want the earrings or the holes left by purposely stretching the earlobes.

Permanent Lip Injections

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Years ago, collagen lip injections were the most popular, but their very short life span have found them out of favor. Now people are looking toward more permanent results by using fat or synthetic implanted materials.

Though not guaranteed to be permanent, fat injections are done by removing fat from the abdomen and injecting into the lips. For a guaranteed permanent look, a synthetic material can be used. It is shaped like a small tube and is inserted through little slits made by a needle.

Adjustable breast implants

For many women getting breast implants what choice plagues them most is what size. It’s hard to know what a certain amount of cc’s will look on your body when looking at a plastic mound filled with liquid. With adjustable implants, if you don’t like the size, they can be non surgically adjusted for you.

Lipodissolve.It has a broad field and is sometimes confused over reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is used to correct congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, or the effects of disease like breast reduction, cleft palate surgery and birthmark removal, whilst it isn’t much associated with necessary reconstruction. It’s more about improving looks for aesthetic purposes such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

This is typically due to errors in the surgical procedures. It could also result because of wrong choices by either the patient or surgeon before the procedure. It is very easy to identify bad facial surgery, as it is visible and obvious. In case of facelifts that have become tight, it is apparent in the form of asymmetrical and tight appearance of face muscles. As a result of bad plastic surgery of the face, patients at times lose the mobility of facial features and it also hampers the sensation due to damaged nerves.

It is possible to make amends in a bad surgery by re-working the problem with another corrective surgery. However, serious problems as the case of a bad rhinoplasty are almost impossible to amend. It is important to note that repair job can only be done if there is enough tissue left for it. It is easier to camouflage plastic surgery that has gone bad in other unexposed parts of the body rather than the face.

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