The Transformation Of A Bride

Posted on March 11th, 2017

The Transformation of a Bride


A. Bartlett

There’s a certain transformation that can occur when a woman appears in her perfect wedding dress. But, despite all the reality television programmes and ‘bridezillas’ on screen and in the newspapers, not every bride is eager to exhibit herself in a particularly distinctive dress – everyone has their own taste and ideas on the priorities of the day. Those searching for the perfect couture wedding dresses often have a firm image set in their head, but it can often be the other way around, as well. Sometimes, the brides shopping for wedding dresses would much rather be done with the whole process and get on with the party!

Reverting to Type

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There are many types of bride – a modern day incarnation can often be one who shows up to a salon for a fitting in business attire, with an impatient hand on their hip as they dash off a quick text message at furious speed. They’ll be quick to flatly state that they just want to wear a white suit. They come across as very successful and smart, and impatient to be in and out – too busy to become embroiled in the cyclone of wedding preparations. It’s understandable – and you can’t begrudge any bride for wanting the process of finding their couture wedding dresses to go smoothly and painlessly – but this could lead to regrets at a later stage.

The Reaction

However, when a good designer can gently steer this reluctant princess to a simple, yet elegant, sheath dress a wonderful transformation begins. Maybe it’s the whiteness of the fabric, maybe it’s the definition of her body and the silhouette of the dress, maybe it’s the feeling of the expensive materials brushing around her legs as she moves – but often, with the first encounter with couture wedding dresses a woman can be truly surprised at her own reflection. Once the veil is donned, it can actually turn into a very powerful, emotional moment for the bride-to-be. All thoughts of a severe pantsuit are out the window!

The Transformation

The work of a great designer isn’t just about dreaming up new designs for couture wedding dresses. It’s also about giving brides-to-be the chance to express their identities and embrace the truth of who they are – and who they want to be going forward into a new stage of their lives. It is about showing off the beautiful, intelligent and dignified women inside the dresses, and showing the world they can be successful and admired on their own terms. In fact, much of the creative process is not just in designing the dress, but in watching the bride become who she is. It’s hard not to be inspired by the transformation.

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